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Focusing on the Details for Five-Star Patient Reviews

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on May 3, 2016 10:07:24 AM

Even if you’re not a foodie, you probably use Yelp regularly to make decisions about restaurants. Your patients, too, are using Yelp and similar review sites to make decisions about whether they’ll choose you as a healthcare provider. This ongoing shift to consumer-like behaviors can be clearly seen in the proliferation of Yelp reviews of doctor’s offices and the like: Healthcare providers are getting reviewed like restaurants online, with customers rating facets of their experience such as the friendliness of the front desk staff and how attractive they found the office environment. They’ll be on the lookout for the details that mean the difference between a standard experience and a remarkable one.

As a medical linen and laundry provider, ImageFIRST Las Vegas takes care of those details when it comes to medical scrubs, uniforms, gowns, curtains and linen in Las Vegas. We have a service-industry frame of mind that allows us to help you tackle the critical points that boost your patients’ experience from three-star to five-star. For example, all of our linen products are hand-inspected for quality: That means no missed stains or holes, and our bed linen conforms to a bright white standard. Clean, uniform-looking linen, medical uniforms and gowns immediately put patients as ease, visually assuring them that they’re in the hands of a provider who pay attention to the details of sanitization and appearance (and our products don’t just look clean—our wash process kills up to 99.999% of known pathogens).

Our dedication to the details is especially apparent in our Comfort Care line of patient gowns, which are made from a uniquely soft and cozy material. Think of how the plush gowns at high-end hotels or spas are so luxurious to the touch that your experience just wouldn’t be as enjoyable without them. With Comfort Care gowns, patients will get a similar feeling of being pampered. Our Plush Promise guarantees that switching to the Comfort Care line will boost your patients’ perception of your facility.

ImageFIRST Las Vegas’ laundry and linen management services, too, free up your facility’s staff from these time-consuming tasks so that you can invest even more time and thought into how to make your patients’ experiences better each day. Our Customer Advocates, in particular, are sort of like super-powered delivery drivers: Not only do they drop off and pick up your linen supply on a regular basis, but they also stock your inventory, help you review your invoice and take care of facility-specific details like warming blankets for your patients’ comfort. And on those unexpectedly busy days, you can take advantage of our Same-Day Linen Rescue program, which supplies you with emergency medical linen in Las Vegas without increasing the cost of a circulating inventory.

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