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How Does Staff Engagement Impact Patients?

Posted by ImageFIRST on Oct 24, 2016 4:49:45 PM

We won’t keep you waiting for the answer: The more engaged nurses and medical staff are at work, the better the patient care and outcome. At ImageFIRST Las Vegas, we put you and your patients at the heart of our purpose, so everything we do is to hopefully improve patient satisfaction.

Learn more about how to increase staff engagement.

Since the healthcare industry has intensified its focus on increasing patient satisfaction, health systems and medical facilities are looking for new ways to create a better experience for their patients. They understand that staff engagement can be hard work for leadership, but it’s still crucial to patient care and outcomes.

Where can you get started?

We now have an informative 60-minute video on our website called, “Is Anybody Listening? The Cost of Employee Engagement to Patients and Organizations,” presented by Martie Moore, R.N., MAOM, CPHQ, that provides information and tools about how to achieve better staff engagement. We believe that when everyone’s engaged, everyone wins, starting with patients.

In the past, nurse and staff satisfaction has been a large area of interest, but now it has been found that staff engagement actually has a much higher impact on patients. When you watch this video, you’ll gain insight from Martie, who has nearly 30 years of clinical experience and extensive executive leadership. She uses her experience to develop forward-thinking solutions and programs for people in the field today. In the video, she provides a strategy and tools to healthcare facilities so that they can develop a plan that will increase staff engagement and boost patient satisfaction.

Don’t wait for this complimentary presentation! You can register now at to watch our educational video.

But staff engagement is also about providing them with the right tools to minimize distractions. We understand that you need staff attire that will allow your doctors and nurses to focus on quality care. This is why you can find high-quality medical scrub uniforms in Las Vegas, and other ImageFIRST locations. At ImageFIRST, we offer a full line of medical scrub uniforms in Las Vegas that will cater to your particular needs. Our quality scrubs are hand-inspected, feature barcodes and will also provide you with optimal comfort.

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