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How ImageFIRST Handles Contaminated Laundry Using OSHA Compliant Practices

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Nov 3, 2015 1:59:41 PM

As a healthcare facility, you know what it takes to keep your patients safe from exposure to infection. But do your laundry service providers know how? At ImageFIRST Las Vegas, we provide exceptional healthcare laundry services that are remarkable, especially when compared to the rest, because of how we operate. We care just as much about the patients who use our products as their healthcare providers, whom we service. We understand how important it is to prevent the spread of infection, which is why we perform laundry practices and processes that are compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.


Protective Measures for our Customer Advocates

Unlike a secret recipe for grandma’s pumpkin pie, we have no problem sharing our effective techniques for preventing the spread of infections and healthcare-acquired infections. But we can’t take all of the credit for our ability to follow OSHA standards, we wouldn’t be able to conduct our processes without our amazing Customer Advocates and our Worthwhile Work culture. We care about the health of our Customer Advocates, which is why we aim to protect them from being exposed to bloodborne hazards with laundry cleaning processes.


So, how is it that we get our healthcare linens, gowns and robes so clean and soft? It’s all in the way we handle the contaminated laundry.


OSHA-Compliant Laundry Cleaning Methods

Our laundry cleaning services adhere to OSHA’s mandated procedures, which are fully detailed in the article “Imperatives for Staying OSHA-Compliant in the Healthcare Laundry,” by Kelly M. Pyrek in Infection Control Today. OSHA’s instructions explain how contaminated laundry should be properly handled in order to effectively prevent infection. Some of the guidelines include bagging the contaminated laundry at the location of use, placing contaminated laundry in containers labeled with the biohazard symbol or red bags, and transporting contaminated laundry in leak-proof containers.

blog-lasvegas-oct2To eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious materials, we at ImageFIRST Las Vegas sanitize the garments with our Triple BioShield Protection process. The process entails a washing method that kills up to 99.999% of germs on contact, as well as the application of a softener that acts as a protective coating to safeguard the products during their journey to the healthcare facilities. Lastly, the garments are encased in a plastic wrap to be delivered unexposed from environmental contamination.

Assurance of Infection Prevention in Healthcare Linens and Garments

Our healthcare customers can depend on us to supply them with healthcare linens and attire that meet the infection prevention standards mandated by OSHA. We handle our laundry using our 5-Point Product Quality System that coordinates with the OSHA-compliant regulations we follow. This unique system makes it so that our customers don’t have to worry about the condition of their products. Our 5-Point Product Quality System include offering comfortable and soft products, cleaning with superior sanitation methods, making sure each linen is bright white in appearance, individually sealing gowns and having independent lab testing conducted to check the level of compliance to government standards.  

Are you sourced with a laundry service that is OSHA-compliant and goes lengths to ensure that the spread of infection is prevented? If not, let us take care of your healthcare laundry needs.