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How to Make Medical Laundry Billing One Less Worry for Your Healthcare Facility

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Jan 26, 2016 9:59:38 AM

As a high-quality medical laundry provider, we care about the healthcare facilities we serve, keeping their patients always in mind. Our extensive knowledge in the medical industry allows us to understand how busy the work environment can become when providing patients with the care they need. Your patients are just as important to us as they are to you – and we aim to help the initiative with our topnotch medical laundry delivery, cleaning and rental services. We believe that medical facilities should be able to focus on their patients rather than worry about resourcing and costs, which is why we provide our ValueFIRST service.


Get Accurate, Easy Billing with ValueFIRST

Through ValueFIRST, medical facilities receive transparent billing and inventory management that allows them to operate more productively. When you receive a billing invoice for your medical laundry, does it confuse you? If so, then it probably entails time spent deciphering bills, reconciling invoices and handling the laundry inventory - time that could be spent treating patients and providing them with the best hospitality experience. However, with the comprehensive cost management equation of ValueFIRST, medical facilities receive the greatest value for the correct inventory level needed to help provide great patient care.


Watch Our New ValueFIRST Video!

To better explain our ValueFIRST service to our customers, we released a brand new educational video on YouTube. It is called “A Good Investment with ValueFIRST” and is designed to inform viewers about how our company provides a cost-effective solution for managing inventory, as well as offers transparent billing that is based on a flat rate. To gain insight to our unique ValueFIRST service, watch the video below:



The Benefits of ValueFIRST

Other medical laundry providers may stump you on their hard-to-read billing invoices. But, you’ll never come across that situation with our medical laundry services. The inventory that we provide is based on your patient volume and can be adjusted whenever your needs change. This practice helps medical facilities save money by not having to spend on a lot of extra laundry products or replacing items because they have run out. Every medical facility we partner with is assigned a Customer Advocate, who not only delivers laundry products but also assists with inventory management to make sure their customer is adequately sourced at all times.


It doesn’t take a complex usage formula to figure out what the accurate billing amount should be! At least not at ImageFIRST Las Vegas. We bill our customers based on what they need in their inventory and our billing invoice is simple to understand. Plus, we ensure that the pricing for our laundry services is reasonable and fair, with no unexpected rate changes or hidden fees.


To provide your patients with a positive treatment experience, a quality supply of bed linens, robes, gowns, towels and medical scrubs in Las Vegas must be available at your facility. Get the inventory management assistance you need with our ValueFIRST service, which will also take the hassle of dealing with inaccurate billing off of your shoulders.