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How You’ll Benefit from Downloading Our Guide to 3 Critical Healthcare Laundry Steps

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jan 24, 2017 10:36:41 AM

If you want your healthcare facility to be successful, you’ll need to focus on the satisfaction of your patients through daily performance, long-term success and of course, clean laundry. Plenty of medical laundry and linen providers bill their products as being “hygienically clean” - but how do you know that you are receiving the cleanest, safest healthcare linen when there’s no quantifiable definition of the term “hygienically clean”?

Unfortunately, to make a long story short, you don’t. However, there are specific things to look for in a healthcare laundry service to ensure your hospital gowns, medical linens and nurse uniforms in Las Vegas are returned to your facility both protected and sanitized.

Find out what it means for a laundry service to go beyond “hygienically clean.”

When it comes to medical scrub uniforms and patient linens in Las Vegas (and communities across the nation), ImageFIRST is an expert in industry best practices for medical linen and laundry management. To help all of our customers attain the level of healthcare linen cleanliness and safety that they need to meet their patient satisfaction goals, we’ve prepared a complimentary guide titled “3 Critical Steps to Ensure Clean and Safe Healthcare Laundry.” With this downloadable document (available at, you’ll find the key to achieving clean and safe medical linen.

Here’s how you can benefit from downloading this free guide:

  • Learn the importance of partnering with a provider that is familiar with the challenges of the industry, such as healthcare-acquired infections
  • Get insight into how medical professionals can better protect their patients
  • Learn why “hygienically clean” isn’t enough for healthcare providers
  • Get access to a detailed plan describing what to look for in your medical linen and laundry provider to ensure that all products are protected and sanitized

To download the free and informative guide to learning the 3 Critical Steps to Ensure Clean and Safe Healthcare Laundry, go to This guide will be available for you to download at any time.

To learn more about exceeding the limits of “hygienically clean,” contact us at 800-932-7472 or visit us at